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             IP'`Yb            Yb, `88'  `88'  `88                     dP   88           8I
             I8  8I             `"  88    88    88                    dP    88           8I                      gg
             I8  8'                 88    88    88                   ,8'    88           8I                      ""
 gg,gggg,    I8 dPgg,   gg,gggg,    88    88    88    ,ggggg,        d88888888     ,gggg,8I   ,ggg,,ggg,,ggg,    gg    ,ggg,,ggg,
 I8P"  "Yb   I8dP" "8I  I8P"  "Yb   88    88    88   dP"  "Y8       ,8"     88    dP"  "Y8I  ,8" "8P" "8P" "8,   88   ,8" "8P" "8,
 I8'    ,8i  I8P    I8  I8'    ,8i  88    88    88  i8'    ,8 dP   ,8P      Y8   i8'    ,8I  I8   8I   8I   8I   88   I8   8I   8I
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PI8 YY88888P88P     `Y8PI8 YY88     88    88    `Y8P"Y8888P"   "Y8P"         `Y8P"Y8888P"`Y88P'   8I   8I   `Y88P""Y88P'   8I   `Y8
 I8                     I8
 I8                     I8
 I8                     I8
 I8                     I8
 I8                     I8
 I8                     I8

Coding Standards

HTML should be semantically-correct, XHTML 1.1 valid and as accessibility-compliant as possible, use the framework-helpers whenever possible as they maintain this automatically.

All JavaScript should be namespaced within objects and objects should encapsulate their elements within their scope (avoid globals).

PHP code should be organized to MVC standards- all data-source access is from within models, all HTML and output statements (echo, print, etc.) are within views, elements and layouts; business logic & control structures should be in controllers & components.

All PHP and JavaScript code should follow Zend Framework coding standards except:

Naming Convention - Class, method & file names should follow the much-simpler Vork Framework convention.

Code-encapsulation should be consistent - always use 1-true-brace style for all code blocks:

function foo() {

if ($foo == $bar) {
} else {


  • Always DRY code (Don't Repeat Yourself), copying-and-pasting code is a cardinal sin! Instead use variables, objects, framework-elements, create a function/method, etc.
  • Use require, not require_once, whenever possible; it is far more efficient to do: if (!class_exists('foo')) require 'foo'; than require_once 'foo';

PHP Environment

In your php.ini - adjust to the following settings:

short_open_tag = Off
error_reporting = E_ALL | E_STRICT
display_errors = On
register_long_arrays = Off
magic_quotes_gpc = Off

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