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Simplified installation of MongoDB on Windows

Mongo database install

  • Create folder: c:/data/db
  • Download the latest version of Mongo from http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Downloads and extract to c:/data
  • Double-click to execute c:/data/mongodb-win32-i386-1.4.2/bin/mongod.exe (adjust for your Mongo version) and leave the window running - closing the window will stop the Mongo server

Add the Mongo extension to PHP

  • Download the correct driver for your environment from http://github.com/mongodb/mongo-php-driver/downloads
    • VC6 is for Apache (VC9 is for IIS)
    • Thread safe is for running PHP as an Apache module (typical installation), non-thread safe is for CGI
  • Unzip and add the php_mongo.dll file to your PHP extensions directory (usually the "ext" folder in your PHP installation.)
  • Add to your php.ini: extension=php_mongo.dll
  • Restart your web server (Apache, IIS, etc.) for the change to take effect
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